MARKUS Cinema System

What Is MCS?

MCS (MARKUS Cinema System) is a modern, affordable and flexible ticketing software for cinemas, theatres, arenas, stadiums and concert venues. The first MCS version was launched in 2001, currently the system is in generation 3 and can be deployed both on premise and on Microsoft Azure. Today about 75% of all cinema tickets in Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Lebanon are sold using MCS.

What Makes MCS Different?

  • Affordable licensing model

    – software license fee is per auditorium (screen). There is no fee per computer. No fees per ticket/transaction.
  • Scalability

    – if required, all system components can fit into a single laptop computer. At the same time, the same software can operate large nationwide multiplex theatre networks. For instance, the entire Finland is covered by a single central server.
  • No need for large IT investments

    – specialized POS workstation hardware and standalone server are not required in small venues. The system can work on regular Windows XP/Vista desktop computers and use inexpensive receipt printers. Free of charge Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition can be used as database platform. When the need arises, an upgrade to other SQL Server editions is effortless.
  • Multiple languages

    – the customer can be served in his/her preferred language. The software can communicate, print tickets and receipts in up to 5 languages of your choice in parallel. Special support for right to left languages such as Arabic.
  • Multiple currencies

    – in addition to the base currency, the system can accept payments in any number of supplementary currencies.
  • Electronic ticket and voucher validation

    – tickets, vouchers and other items are bar-coded for fast, automatic and secure processing. Ticket validation is based on handheld scanners (wireless and wired models are supported). Large venues can also use turnstile gates for entrance control.
  • Keeping up with changing technology trends

    – MCS is based on the latest Microsoft technologies (Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Framework 4.0) and is created using modern development tools (Microsoft Visual Studio, C#).
  • Continuously evolving

    – new features are added to the system on a regular basis. Your specific needs can be addressed in custom development projects.

Feature Highlights

  • Auditoriums

    can support unlimited number of different seating layouts. Each event can use a different layout, each layout section may work in either reserved or non-reserved (free seating) mode.
  • Front Office Customer Screen

    – client-facing secondary LCD monitor effectively communicates seating information to buyers. When the system is idle, the customer screen can be used to display advertisements and animations.
  • Tickets and other products

    (food & beverage, merchandise products, concessions) can be concurrently sold in Front Office within the same transaction. Different price lists can be defined for each sales point and customer group. Weighted items can be quickly sold using electronic scales.
  • Powerful online ticket sales portal with ticket home printing

    – customers can purchase tickets online and print bar-coded tickets at home. Alternatively, purchase confirmations can be sent to customer mobile phone using SMS and the tickets can be collected from ATM at the theatre.
  • Sophisticated customer loyalty functions with automatic pricing

    – once the customer profile has been selected in Front Office or the web portal, the system will apply predefined prices and benefits automatically. Several loyalty programs can be run at the same time and customer can be member of different loyalty programs simultaneously.
  • Vouchers and coupons

    are bar-coded and can be processed automatically by scanning the barcode. Vouchers can be either paper based or in electronic form and can be used both in Front Office and Web Portal.
  • Business-to-Business

    functions for managing high volume voucher sales to business customers and partners.
    The feature list above is by no means complete. Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.